Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine unit: Arthroscopy is regularly being done for all major joints - knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, elbow, and spine along with a special focus on stiff knee arthroscopy and state-of-the-art surgery for ligament reconstruction.

Spine and Back Surgery: All kinds of spine surgeries, including disc prolapse and spinal fixation, are being done regularly in the Department.

Ilizarov Surgery: This specialized modality is being widely used for the treatment of infected/non-infected non-unions, limb length discrepancy & deformity correction of limbs. This modality is also being used to treat high-velocity complex fractures of limbs. Cases of cosmetic lengthening have been successfully done in the department. Department has now introduced a computerized robotic Hexapod / SUV frame for deformity correction and limb lengthening.


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